Mutual Fund Commercial

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Mutual Fund Commercial

Mutual Fund Commercial

Mutual Fund Commercial what is it! What does it mean?  And who should it effect and how?  Advertising and the Marketing of Mutual Funds have had a long and continuous relationship, grown from newspaper advertising primarily to specialty magazine and now online portal.  The king and the thing that is a “mutual fund commercial” is made most famous by repetitive ads on television rapidly firing the same old messages on a continuous basis from anyone of 10 firms reminding the Canadian public only that the rrsp season is upon us and its time for everyone to top up there rrsp and holdings for both individuals and fund companies and banks plan around this highly profitable business.

Mutual Fund Commercial a purpose driven website that does best at what it implies as the destination place to get exactly what anyone would expect and appreciate from a site designed for it own namesake. Mutual Fund Advertising, marketing and promotion has taken place since as long as mutual funds have existed. A marketplace a sales force a bulletin or newsletter somehow the word had to get out and the word had to be paid for and was some how included in the MER (managing expense ratio) or the cost of doing business.

Times have indeed changed and the best practice ways of doing business have gone out the window and the time is now to embrace all of the changes and the new ways to do everything better with monitored results.  Mutual Fund Commercial first understands the investment marketplace and has carefully selected the most important target markets to cater to the niche of high-end consumer conscious financial advertising.

 Start for all the right reasons, experts who understand financial advertising and have developed access to all major medium and media relations to do “Business Media” for fund companies interested in developing a Social Media platform. Mutual Fund Commercial creates an atmosphere of creative attract and retain campaigns that are far advanced combining all current dated and sophisticated tools and technology both online and in video and film development.

Mutual Fund Commercial plays throughout 200 prominent Canadian keyword mutual fund websites. MFC played on and the MONEY Network a group of 2800 relevant keyword sites. Mutual Fund Commercial available for any medium and any format for live play, web cast, video or television distribution and syndication.

See our work on and other business stations and networks with “The Mutual Fund Show” – regular weekly show.

Get your top quality custom 30 Second Video message, commercial and business media played where your exact target market will look, listen and learn. The Mutual Fund Portal can house and hold all your important mutual fund company social media news, information and briefings. Once your video is produced get access to the highest Canadian online financial traffic available anywhere in Canada and anywhere on the entire Internet.  Produce top quality video message – Place and Play where they are, and where they want to know more online or anywhere else your customers are. We have that mix with Mutual Fund Magazine – Portal and the Mutual Fund Show.


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